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Whistling Duck Alpacas

Alpacas are the perfect animal for small, medium or large land owners and below is a list of why ……….


  • Alpacas are extremely gentle animals which means small children are safe being amongst them.

  • Alpacas are easy to handle and don’t require any equipment to hold them, you can do it on your own.

  • Alpacas are easily halter trained and love going for walks.

  • Alpacas don’t challenge fences.

  • Alpacas are environmentally friendly; they have a very small foot print and are gentle on land.

  • Alpaca fleece is warmer and stronger than sheep wool and has no itch factor.

  • Alpacas poo in piles making collection very easy and is the ultimate natural fertilizer of all farm animals, it can be used on seedlings.

  • Alpacas are extremely inquisitive, they inspect everything you do and warn you when a stranger or a stray animal is on your property.

  • Alpacas have a strong herd instinct and will protect the family.


So Alpacas would make perfect in-expensive pets to keep, great flock guards to protect lambs and free range hens from predators.


They are producers of a high quality, soft, silky and valuable natural fibre so would be a good business opportunity to generate an income from a natural and sustainable source.


Alpaca Care

Sensational Alpacas

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