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Whistling Duck Alpacas

Alpacas are adorable and calm animals that have adapted well to our climate.  They are easy to care for. The most important basic requirements are food, fresh drinking water and shelter to escape the extremes of our climate.


As for any pet or livestock it is best to check your animals daily, this also has the benefit of helping you to get to know them.


You may want to process your fleece so shearing is best carried out every year although some prefer to leave two years fleece growth particularly for Suris.  Suri alpacas look stunning in full fleece with a long defined lock structure whereas Hucaya alpacas look 'teddy bear' like when in full fleece.


Toe nails, like ours, need to be trimmed periodically and they may need to be wormed and also inoculated for protection against certain diseases.


The combination of soft padded feet and being light grazers results in alpacas being very kind to their grazing pasture.


There are many articles on all aspects of alpaca owning, handling and husbandry, however, if you would like to learn more with practical hands-on experience we are available to help on an individual basis.  Please contact us for further details.

Caring for your alpacas

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