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Whistling Duck Suri Alpacas

at home in the East Midlands

Whistling Duck Alpacas is the home to a small herd of sensational, friendly and graceful   Suri Alpacas.  Kind people say this is an alternative lifestyle others may say we are suffering from a mid-life crisis but  in 2010 we saw our first Suri alpacas and have been smitten ever since.


We now have a small prize winning herd with colours ranging from white through to black.  Our award winning alpacas have excellent conformity and fine fleeces to provide the ultimate natural fibre.  They are perfect for small or large land owners, easy to care for and their gentle nature makes them safe with children.


Our breeding programme uses carefully selected elite stud males with proven genetics and the most desirable traits.  All of our alpacas are bred for excellent conformity, superior fleece characteristics whilst also being very friendly and easy to handle.


Based in the East Midlands we offer everything a new or potential owner needs to keep and care for alpacas with our free life-time support throughout the UK.  Having spent the first two years establishing a select herd some are now offered for sale.  We can also offer farm planning, husbandry courses, stud services and fibre sales.


If you are looking for adorable pets, livestock guardians or a starter herd for breeding please get in touch.  Visitors and potential owners are always welcome (by appointment please) where we will be happy to share our experiences and offer advice & support.  We always have a range of sensational Suri alpacas for sale and are happy to guide you through the whole process whether you are starting out with alpacas or looking to add to your existing herd.  As well as being appealing, alpacas are a way of life, enchanting, endearing and addictive but owning Suri alpacas will change your life for the better.

farm photo

Friendly Suri Alpacas